We are the GETUP100.


Start where you are.


When is the last time you felt like a badass? GET UP. Spartan SGX Coaching was founded by certified Spartan SGX Coach and Spartan Brand Ambassador Heather Grover with a vision of creating the community and tools that will get you from discouraged to Spartan Strong. From ZERO to BADASS.  

Step #1: Be willing to start where you are.

Step #2: Set a goal that scares you and excites you. Sign up to race!

Step #3: Commit to getting the support that will get you to your goal. Join our team!

In 2017 we are using this community and Coach Grover's online race prep coaching program to get 100 NEW Spartans over the finish line. Will you be counted with the GETUP100?

Your victory is waiting. GET UP.



What is included in online race prep?

  • Weekly training program with workouts that can be done anywhere! 
  • Obstacle-specific training.
  • Nutrition coaching broken down into weekly goals.
  • Weekly accountability and access to live coaching calls where you can ask your questions and get answers in real time.
  • Detailed and personalized race prep nutrition for the week of your race.
  • Facebook support groups for encouragement, extra workout tips, recipe ideas, mindset coaching, and more.
  • Discounts on all 2017 races!
  • Opportunity to race with a team or create your own.

  • What should I expect?

  • The first week of the program is "prep week." You will be emailed an outline of the entire program with a list of what you need to do to get ready including a fitness assessment and intake form. 
  • Your coach will help you customize the training regimen to fit your goals and lifestyle. Once you have committed to the program you will be held accountable daily through the private Facebook group. 
  • You will be expected to train outside for at least part of your training. Gotta build that grit! 
  • Mindset is key to successfully reaching any goal. Be prepared to explore the mental AND physical through this training.
  • Expect to find lasting friendships with your fellow Spartans-in-training. We can't help it!

  • Who should use race prep coaching?

  • Although the GETUP100 is a movement specifically designed to get first-time racers over the finish line, many established Spartans love this training as it gives them a structure and accountability for their continued training. With enough determination, most people can get through a Spartan race, but coaching helps you have the best possible experience and strategically improve your performance. 


12-week session for $119

Still have questions? 




Coach Heather Grover lives in Spokane, WA where she is raising her son and building her online and in-person training business. In addition to supporting the GET UP. community, she currently trains at Spokane Boxing and GT-X Sports Performance. Her first race was the Montana Beast in May 2015. After 10 years in the fitness industry and a lifetime of telling herself "I'm just not an endurance athlete," she found herself completely hooked. She knew Spartan Racing was doing it right! In 2016 she set the goals of earning her Trifecta within 30 days and completing her Spartan SGX coach certification while helping her family, friends, and clients cross the finish line. This lit the fire for the GETUP100 to come to life for the 2017 racing season! This year she was invited to help lead the Spartan community as a Spartan Brand Ambassador, and she gladly accepted! Coach Grover is committed to growing the GET UP. community to help people step into their power through Spartan racing. She's not into perfect. She's into real, and messy people with big hearts who aren't afraid to GET UP.

Grit. Community. Respect. Power. Passion. That’s what we stand for- that’s what GET UP represents. It’s about being in the arena and knowing it’s not always going to be pretty, but it will be worth it, and we’re in it together. Your victory is waiting. GET UP.
— Coach Grover