FREE Community Workout Spokane
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FREE Community Workout Spokane

  • GT-X Sports Performance

Join our awesome local Spartan community and get a free workout from certified Spartan SGX Coach and GET UP. Community founder Heather Grover. Learn tips for how to train for a Spartan Race and experience some of the obstacles you will see on the course! Children ages 12 and up are welcome with an adult. 

Whether you are just getting off the couch or training to race competitively, come meet some great people and learn what it means to be a Spartan! AROO!

BeastWOD: Spokane, WA
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BeastWOD: Spokane, WA

  • Spokane Boxing Gym

The BEASTS OCR presents:

BeastWOD 2017: Spokane, WA

Beasts OCR Hosted: Public and free workout series
Sponsered by GET UP. Spartan SGX and Spokane Boxing Gym

The Beasts are an Obstacle Course Racing Team for OCR Racers and people looking to train together in the Pacific NorthWest. 

At our core and founding, we are a group of people that seek out like minded individuals who want to train for OCR racing and life itself. BeastWOD 2017 starts February 2017 and goes until January 2018. Workouts are completely free, and will last approximately two hours regardless of weather conditions. We encourage you to bring your friends, family and anyone that is ready for a fun challenge. These are kid friendly! There will be individual and team based events within the workout. The BeastWOD workouts have grown into concurrent multi-state, monthly sessions and with multiple Sponserships. Workouts are scalable to your level of comfort and fitness!

All attendees will be required to have a printed and signed waiver and social media release form. Please remember to bring these, we will have limited onhand spares. Please note, we will not be able to have your participation without them. Get the waiver here: 

Please come dressed appropriately for a dirty, sweaty environment and ready to have fun. Please wear black, green or Beasts OCR branded gear if you have it. Rain, Shine or anything else, it is on!

Gear to get dirty in
Good attitude

Please bring your own liquid or food provisions, as well as containers you can refill. Note that the Beast OCR will be making use of speakers, megaphones and other related equipment or items pertaining to the workout. Spokane Boxing Gym is providing the facility and may also provide other goods or services in addition to great products and services.

Heather Grover
Coach Heather Grover is a certified Spartan SGX Coach and Brand Ambassador, Regional Manager of Endurance and Training for Beasts OCR in Eastern WA, and the founder of the GET UP. community. With over 10 years of experience teaching, coaching, and managing in the fitness industry, she ran her first Spartan Race in 2015 and fell in love with the sport of OCR! She is passionate about getting people off of the couch and onto the course to discover what is possible! Her specialties include performance nutrition, yoga for athletes, functional movement training, and mindset coaching. 

About Spokane Boxing Gym:
Spokane Boxing was started in 2002 by former professional boxer Rick Welliver, who had been training others since 1994 and had always dreamed of owning his own gym. Since then, Rick has trained hundreds of men, women, kids, and young adults who have wanted to get in shape or become competitive boxers. Rick has trained both amateur and professional fighters in his 22 year coaching career. Whether you want to experience a high impact cardio workout, hit your weight loss goals, learn boxing skills, or wish to become a competitive boxer, Spokane Boxing can accommodate whatever you want to achieve. Spokane Boxing members range in age from 5 to 79 years old!
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About GET UP. Spartan SGX:
GET UP. Spartan SGX was foudned by certified Spartan SGX Coach Heather Grover with a vision of creating the community and tools that will get you from discouraged to Spartan Strong. From ZERO to BADASS. In 2017 we are coaching 100 brand NEW Spartans over the finish line. Will you be counted with the GETUP100? Your victory is waiting. GET UP. 
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Lastly, please arrive early for parking, check-in, etc. We will begin promptly at the designated start time. 

Thank you! 

Adam Birgenheier
Director of Training and Endurance
Beasts OCR

GET UP. Spartan SGX Community Workout
1:00 pm13:00

GET UP. Spartan SGX Community Workout

  • GT-X Sports Performance

What does it mean to train like a Spartan? What is obstacle course racing? Isn't that just for super fit people? CAN I DO IT?

Only one way to find out! Join us for a FREE community workout designed to give you a taste of the fastest growing sport in the world! Come learn how we build better bodies, not only for the course, but for LIFE! 

This workout is organized and led by certified Spartan SGX Coach Heather Grover. Coach Grover is the founder of the GET UP. community and the Regional Manager of Endurance and Training for Beasts OCR in Eastern Washington. She is passionate about getting people off of the couch and onto the course to discover what is possible!

Children ages 12 and up are welcome with the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.