Not sure if this training program is what you've been looking for? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide if we are the right fit for YOU! 


Question: I don't have a gym membership. Can I still do this program?

Answer: Absolutely! This program will provide all the workouts you need that can be done anywhere. Whether you can't make it to the gym regularly, travel frequently for work, or are planning a vacation, this training can adapt to your lifestyle!


Question: I DO have classes or gym that I already love to use. Why use this program as well?

Answer: The two aspects of race prep that we notice people struggling with the most are nutrition and obstacle-specific training. This program is an excellent supplement to the workouts you already love to make sure you are ready to go come race day! We will show you how to customize the program to fit YOUR lifestyle.


Question: How can I train for obstacles without access to actual Spartan obstacles?

Answer: We teach you how to build an obstacle-proof body from the ground up. Strategic training for grip strength, flexibility, mobility, power, and endurance will give you the tools you need to conquer those obstacles. Coach Grover also provides obstacle-specific coaching for the more skill-oriented obstacles and teaches you how to use your environment to train for the course!


Question: I'm not quite ready to commit to running a race. Can I still do this training?

Answer: Yes! You can start your training before your sign up for your race. However, we will encourage you to commit to a race, even if it is a year away, in order to get the best results out of your training and keep yourself on track. The sooner you begin, the better!


Question: I don't think I am motivated enough to do a training program from home. I've tried it before and it never works for me. How is this different?

Answer: We get it. It's easier to push hard when you have a coach standing over you. This program is just as much about building mental strength as physical! In addition to the private Facebook group and training materials, you will be part of a small TEAM participating in ongoing competitions and challenges throughout the program that reward consistency. We apply positive peer pressure and accountability to help you get EXCITED about staying engaged in your training!


Question: Will you assign me to a team, or can I choose my team?

Answer: That's up to you! You are welcome to recruit your own group of friends who want to join you and keep each other accountable throughout the program. When you get 4 friends to sign up for this program, we waive your fee!


Question: What happens on Race Day?

Answer: We are currently prepping for the Portland Sprint, and the Seattle Beast and Sprint. You are welcome to race with the team, race alone, or with another team. Totally up to you! If you race with the GET UP. team you will be led through the course by certified Spartan SGX coach and brand Ambassador Heather Grover, and join the team for a group warmup before the race and celebrations after!